Mon. Apr 6th, 2020


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Trump expected to sign Hong Kong bill after it clears House, Senate amid Chinese threats

President Trump is expected to sign a bill aimed at protecting human rights in Hong Kong amid an escalating pro-democracy movement in the semiautonomous city after the legislation cleared both chambers of Congress this week, with overwhelming support on both sides of the aisle. HONG KONG PROTESTERS’ FAMILIES FEAR UNIVERSITY SHOWDOWN COULD SPARK ‘TIANANMEN 2.0’ The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act passed in the House Wednesday by a 417-1 vote. The proposed legislation was unanimously approved in the Senate on Tuesday. The bill gained support in recent days as police tightened their siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where hundreds of young protesters remained holed up trying to evade arrest. “Today, the Congress is sending an unmistakable message to the world that the United States stands in solidarity with freedom-loving people of Hong Kong, and we fully support their fight for freedom,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during the bill’s consideration, according to Politico. Florida’s GOP Sen. Marco Rubio, who first introduced the Senate’s version of the bill in June, asked President Trump on Wednesday to sign the proposed legislation after the House vote. “The U.S. House has just passed our #HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct. It’s now headed just an @Potus signature away from becoming law. A powerful moment in which a united, bipartisan coalition made it clear that we #StandWithHongKong,” Rubio said on Twitter.

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